High density indoor insulation


With a 97% reflection, Reflextherm is suitable for indoor housing refurbishment, Reflextherm allows to efficiently insulate all walls (Attic spaces, extensions, garage doors…) with a maximum space saving. With its high density blanket, it is effective not only on heat transfers by conduction but also on phase shift ensuring thermal and acoustic comfort during summer and winter.

Easy to install, it can be screwed or nailed. Made of pure mineral materials such as aluminum and glass, Reflextherm is non-combustible and keeps its shape over time. Reflextherm is A1 classified for its reaction to fire thus ensuring security for assets and people during rescue teams operations.

Product benefits

  Very high reflectivity (97%)

  High insulating performance ( λ = 0.028W/m.K)

  Non-combustible (Euroclass A1)

  Can be screwed


10mm Thickness

Surface per roll 18m
Width 1m
Thickness 10mm

16mm Thickness

Surface per roll 15m
Width 1m
Thickness 16mm

32mm Thickness

Surface per roll 7m
Width 1m
Thickness 32mm



Fireproof test video


For a successful application

Reflextherm is suitable on metal or timber frame. The air gap between the frame and the substrate will reflect radiation from the heating system to the inside of the room. For its connection, we recommend a 10cm overlap between strips and to seal them by using the REFLEXBOND adhesive tape to ensure a perfect wind-tightness.

Reflextherm Fireproof Test

Refletherm Installation EX.

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