E-Glass Fiber Needle mat

E-Glass Fiber Needle mat

E-Glass Fiber Needle mat

Needle-mat is produced through the cutting-edge physical adhesion method of “sewing.” First, outstanding non-flammable, sound absorbent and heat-insulating material ‘E-Glassfiber’ is cut at a uniform length of unit and then the material is evenly spreaded and sewing up without using any chemical adhesives. The product is WINCO’s innovative item that sharply improves existing E-Glassfiber’s features and practicality.

The basic material of Needle-Mat, E-Glassfiber is a representative inorganic material which are produced by melting natural ore at higher than 1000°C, then extruding it to a fine thickness and then turning it into a fiber product. It has a nearly limitless uses in the fields of strengthened synthetic resin, various electrical and electronic parts, automobiles, ships, high density printed circuit boards and high-
strength aircraft parts.
The use of pollution-free E-Glassfiber will lead to the production of advanced composite material with reliable quality.

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The large amount of glass fiber input
Thickness 2~300mm in the initiative process

Needle punching system

High density E glass fiber needle mat
Thickness 4~25mm in the finishing process

Non-Flammable, sound absorbent & heat-insulating properties

Made through an innovative production method, Needle-mat has the same degree of heat resistance as E-Glassfiber.

So, it has wide applications, including fire-related facilities and heat-resistant products.

E-glass fiver needle mat Specifications

Thickness(mm) Standard weight
Width(mm) Weight per roll(kg) length(m)
EGNM-4T 4 400 100 1000 20 50
EGNM-6T 6 600 100 1000 24 40
EGNM-8T 8 960 120 1000 29 30
EGNM-10T 10 1100 110 1000 27.5 25
EGNM-25T 25 4000 160 1000 40 10

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