SKYTECH PRO XL : The “Compagnons du Tour de France” training

SKYTECH PRO XL : The “Compagnons du Tour de France” training

SKYTECH PRO XL : The “Compagnons du Tour de France” training

Application type : roof and wall cladding

Number of m² installed : 180 m²

Young people from IEFCTF in Mouchard have been trained to install SKYTECH PRO XL on the roof and under wall cladding. Mentored by their teachers, they have improved their installation skills while ensuring a proper handling of singular points. In fact, making an external thermal insulation on this timber frame building requested a special attention to connecting points (rafters – bracing for example) and to joinery openings.

This educational project on application aims also to compare energy performances with a  neighbouring building of the same surface and insulation but without SKYTECH PRO XL.

About the building

This timber frame construction is a 60m² raining room, insulated with 350 mm of loose cellulose wadding in the attic space and 140mm wood wool panels between the wall frames.

SKYTECH PRO XL – Facade installation

The “Compagnons du Tour de France” on training have entirely covered the external envelope to make a second skin around the wood wool. Thus, no air leaks at windows embrasures or rafters and thermal bridges reduced to its maximum. Without a low Sd value enabling the product to be HVP (High vapour permeability), the External Thermal Insulation would not have been possible (EWIS).

SKYTECH PRO XL – Roof installation

The “Compagnons du Tour de France” on training have installed a 2-in-1 solution (insulation + breather membrane) in only one operation thanks to Skytech Pro XL. With its integrated adhesive strip, airtightness is improved and the gain of time increased by 10%. Very popular for refurbishment projects, it can in such cases be installed in new build because it has obtained all the required installation certificates.

Regarding the IEFCTF

Located in the Jura, in Mouchard (39), in a friendly environment, the European Training Institute is a professional high school unique in France with its work-study program. Youth people, coming from 9th or 10th grade, from all France, can complete a training program combining tradition and modernity. IEFCTF has 450 students and 50 employees involved in the construction field (zinc roofing, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, interior design, etc.) More information on .